An Introduction

Hi my name is Claire I’m married with two children Boo aged 2 (girl) and Monkey aged 8 (boy).

I wanted a place to help me explore what makes me happy, to record happy moments of every day events and for me to find a way to slow down, become more present and dare I suggest be more happy. It’s not that I’m particularly unhappy but life moves so fast, the children are growing and I often feel like all I do is rush from sorting the children, tidying up and working full time and not having any real time for what makes me happy.

Why the name for the blog – Bee Appy this is what my 2 year old sings regularly she means Be Happy which is from a theme tune of a program she watches on Cbeebies. Whenever she sings it she has a huge grin on her face which in turn of course makes everyone happy.

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