Painting with 3 Year Old

Today we had 45 minutes before we needed to get ready to go to nursery so I suggested to Boo that we should do some drawing. However Boo had another idea to paint instead so we got the paints out.

First we got the watercolour’s just a simple set I’ve bought at some point in the supermarket and some paper. I started painting a tree. Boo asked me how to paint a tree and so with a fresh bit of paper I gave her some simple instructions to use the green paint to draw a circle and then colour this in. To then use some brown paint to draw two lines below the green circle going down and then colour between the lines.

With instructions on the left without on the right


She followed these basic instructions really well. When she’d finished she asked for a second bit of paper. She then recreated the tree.

We then got the leaf stamps and used yellow and green poster paint to stamp leaf designs on some more paper.


Finally we found a fairy shape cut out which I’ve had for a while and she painted this using a mix of all the different watercolour’s.

I like doing little activities with her as this one will have helped her learn;

  • Colour
  • Shape
  • Following instructions
  • Using memory to recreate
  • Hand eye coordination to hold paint brush and stamp will help also when learning to write and hold pencil
  • Seasons we spoke about how the leaves woyluld be changing soon going into Autumn.
  • Counting as she counted how many leaves she stamped

None of this took long to set up and not much time was needed to complete these little art tasks but she enjoyed the time painting and once fully dry I will stick them on the wall for us all to look at.

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