Tropic Skincare Review of the Pebble 

A few months ago I went to a Tropic Skincare launch party which I had been invited to. If I’m honest it’s not the kind of thing I would normally go to however my friend has become an Ambassador for the company and she was having the launch party near to where I live so with a quick check to see if a couple of other friends were going too off I went not quite knowing what to expect.

A colleague at work had suggested it could be like a modern day Tupperware party or perhaps “a polite Ann Summers party!”

Once everyone had arrived we were asked to move our chairs into a semi circle facing the front where the products had been placed on a few tables and we were taken through what the products were and given the background to the company and products.

After checking who has use the products previously the host handed 2 little wrapped up parcels as prizes as we handed these prizes to one another using a game similar to pass the parcel but passing them to the left or right when instructed during the story we were told.

I became one of the lucky winners yay! Winning a mini box of chocolates and a round Cleansing Body Pebble. I liked the smell however I really dislike bars of soap they make me go urgh (think this is from childhood having face washed with lots of soap in a facecloth by my mum)! So at first I put it down quickly but the smell encouraged me to take a further look. It appears it’s one of the most popular products with demand so high that production struggles at times to keep up!

On the Tropic Skincare website they describe it as;

For those who like their suds natural, our handy cleansing block combines the soothing, conditioning effects of shea butter and oatmeal for thoroughly nourished, smooth skin.

More information on this particular product can be found on the Tropic Skincare website.

Since the “polite Ann Summers party” I have been using the Cleansing Body Pebble and have grown to really like it. The little grainy feel to it is perfect for knees and particularly elbows. After a couple of times using it I contacted my Tropic Ambassador friend to let her know how much softer my elbows are now and how although I have sensitive eczema prone skin it hadn’t given me any problems.

I would certainly recommend the Cleansing Body Pebble and can tell it will be one of my go to products for a long time to come.

One thought on “Tropic Skincare Review of the Pebble 

  1. Thank you for this review! I am a new Tropic Ambassador and was at the party on Saturday for the new season launch…! The reason I have found this review is because I was searching for information about this product as IT HAS BEEN RE-LAUNCHED!!! Just though you’d like to know (if you don’t already!)

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