Feeding the Giraffes

Whilst on holiday this year the children wanted to see monkeys, bears and tigers so off we went to the nearest zoo (youngest also wanted to see mermaids but we didn’t manage to locate them near to where we were staying)!

We don’t normally book experiences such as meet the… or feed the… but we booked 2 tickets for the children to feed the giraffes.

Before our allotted time slot we went over to where the giraffes were as much to just see them but to get the children used to their size. There were fully grown adults and leggy calfs who didn’t look quite sure where to put their legs!

When it was feeding time we were given chopped up bits of carrot. Our eldest – Monkey decided he just wanted to watch – faced with such a large animal he was a bit nervous. Boo age 3 tried to feed the giraffe but due to a fence between us and the giraffe the giraffe couldn’t quite reach that far down so my husband picked he up. She giggled, squealed in delight but was scared of the giraffes tongue so my husband and I mainly fed the giraffe instead!

I had never realised how beautiful their eyes are or how long their tongue extends until that moment eye to eye with one. As a parting gift when the last bit of carrot was taken the giraffe gave me a sloppy lick on my arm!

This experience was one of my favourite things from our holiday.

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