Homemade Healthy Fruit Juice

Saturday arrived and after a busy week at work and the sun shining I felt like today would be a lovely day, however with the sudden sunshine and warmth which is not experienced a lot here in the UK particularly north England – Cumbria I started mid morning to to have a fuzzy head the kind you get before a migraine.

So whilst in town this morning I collected a few things to hopefully help my head.

1 pineapple

1 watermelon

1 carton of coconut water

I chopped some pineapple and watermelon enough to fill a large bowl and put them in the food processor (holding my head whilst the noise rattled on mixing the fruits together). I then put a bit of coconut water in not too much as I didn’t want to thin it out too much. Put the food processor to pulse and waited a few seconds.

I put a sieve over a dish and tipped the contents of the food processor bit by bit and pushed it through the sieve. This left the fruity bits (which I like and ate) and the dish below was filled with a beautiful pink juice.

Within that first taste I started to feel better my head easing slightly and it had only taken about 10 minutes to prepare.

My Saturday is feeling much more positive again especially as I am now sitting in my garden in a little shade listening to the birds scurrying around this beautiful Spring afternoon.

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