Glistening along the shoreline stretching out towards the sea many round objects shone in the afternoon sunshine. But what were these shiny objects scattered along the beach like undedinated bombs from past wars – they were jellyfish! Hundreds of them!

The jellyfish were not an expected find on the beach which we make yearly pilgrimages to. I’ve never witnessed this event before and have only seen jellyfish in aquariums.


Sadly due to the vast quantity of the washed up jellyfish we had to abandon plans to make sandcastles and look through the rockpools.

Instead the children ran and played on the grass and on the playground and watched the paragliders.

The afternoon may not have gone as planned but we still had a lot of fun and ate lots of ice cream too!

I’ve blogged about the beach at St Bees before, if you’re interested in reading this follow the links below.

Beach Life

An Adventure Up a Cliff

Has anyone else encountered unusual sightings at the beach recently?


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