An Adventure Up A Cliff

The tide was in, there would be no sand castle to build, crabs to go in search of in rock pools and no paddling at the waters edge.

So our family of 4 set off to climb up to the top of the cliff overlooking St Bees. This beach is one of our favourite family destinations which you can read about in the post Beach Life. However in all the times we have visited here the large cliff overlooking the beach has always been an adventure too far, too much as a family to try and support our clumsy son Monkey who always falls over thin air (he falls over when nothing is there) and little Boo who has only really found walking further possible in recent months so going up a cliff has always been something to avoid. However with an adventurous streak and confidence we set off together.

Monkey didn’t stumble and Boo managed most of it by herself holding my hand only needing carried up the steepest parts.

At the top we took photographs of our proud selves for attempting something we thought previously unattainable. After a little while and with clouds looking like it would soon rain we went back down the cliff and walked along to the little cafe where we sat by the window watching the waves crash against the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

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