Happy Easter Eggs

Happy Easter eggs! Hope you have all had a lovely Easter- the title is from Boo wishing her uncle and cousin a happy Easter!

Monkey and Boo received the usual chocolate Easter eggs from family and we received a couple of Easter cards which were always a favourite item to receive when I was a child handwritten from my Nana and I still have many from my childhood, she now sends a card to the children and sadly I don’t think it’s appreciated as much by them as they both prefer chocolate – but I still love this little tradition.

I did some Spring art with Boo (if you follow me on Instagram (@ccrainbowflowers) you will have seen these pictures already. I simply found a free picture of a chick cut it out and she stuck it to some card. We then had fun each doing a chick glueing yellow crepe paper in place. I added an orange beak and feet to mine. Boo chose some googly eyes, taking her time to find the perfect set of eyes for her chick – she wanted the largest eyes we had. I thought she was finished but she stood back looking at it and said “we need something else…” a look through our recently tidied art supplies cupboard she discovered what she needed to finish her picture – some carefully chosen sparkles.

Hope you have all had a lovely time.

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