Planet Mindfullness Magazine Review

Part of the reason I haven’t blogged in recent months was that I couldn’t concentrate on happiness or mindfulness due to stresses of family members being unwell.

With life now settling back to normal and feeling ready to start looking at ways to improve my own health and wellbeing I now have a backlog of magazines to read.

I’m always on the look out for new magazines particularly those that have thought provoking, interesting articles about mindfulness and ways to improve health and wellbeing. I was surprised to find another such magazine Planet Mindfullness which has the tagline “choosing a calm life” which really appealed to me.

I discovered the Spring issue I bought was not the first issue of this magazine which is published every 3 months, it appears the first issue was published 4th January 2018.

The magazine is split into different areas;

  • Mind: ways of thinking
  • Body: Look after yourself
  • Relationships: friends family and lovers
  • Living: Home and faraway

A couple of my favourite articles were;

  • 12 ways to relax with mundfullness with reminders to stretch and exhale before leaving bed in the morning awakening the body gently. Exercises to release back ache and a short 5 minute mindfulness exercise.
  • What is facial reflexology? This I’m particularly intrigued by and have found myself trying to find someone local to me that does this as my facial muscles seem quite tight and my face is lacking a certain brightness.
  • How to keep your neck pain free – again although many of us know that neck pain is increasingly due to us leaning forward in awkward positions over computers and mobiles I often forget to do neck exercises this articles take a look at exercises to ease the neck strain.
  • Woodland walking – an interesting article looking at the benefits of forest-bathing.

The magazine is priced at £5.99 however it is 98 pages long filled with interesting articles, has no distracting adverts and as it is only published every 3 months I feel the price is very reasonable.

They have a Twitter page


And also an Instagram account @planetmindfulmag

I feel I have found another magazine that I will look forward to purchasing and reading quietly before the family awake with a hot cup of coffee and my cat fast asleep on my knee only interrupted briefly by him snoring, this truly is the start of a calmer life again.

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