Chinese New Year Crafts

Today I went to our local museum with Boo, a good friend and her daughter to take part in the Chinese New year crafts they are doing all week. Today the craft was based on the panda.

Boo likes pandas so I thought she would enjoy it and we also got to catch up with friends (love a good catch up and craft).

It was busy as expected as it’s half term but still enough room to enjoy the drop in panda craft sesion which was free for children and adults with membership.

A lady explained what we needed to do to make the pictures and we sat down with the children to help them.

Boo loves sticking things but she was reluctant to use the scissors so I cut the panda ears for her and my friends daughter cut the green bamboo for her. Boo finished the panda with a fuzzy black nose (we need to stick it back on) eye stickers and she drew a mouth.

As we were going to the next craft section we spoke at length to a guide about the whale skeleton they have hanging in the reception. It had been found beached on a local beach and they had taken great care and attention to piece it together and display it. The guide explained the whale had been 4 years old and explained the extra bones which look like legs. I never knew until this afternoon whales had evolved from dog like creatures with 4 legs to being large creatures we know them as today it was fascinating.

We then took part in the dragon craft. This was to copy the symbol for luck Boo didn’t understand this idea so drew lots of pictures. I tried to copy the symbol which didn’t look quite right but my friends daughter drew a fantastic copy of the symbol. We were asked to leave the symbols as they are to become the scales for the dragon a lady was working on to be used the the Chinese New Year parade taking place in town on Friday (sadly I won’t get to see it but I’m sure it will be fantastic).

We then searched the museum for all the different Chinese New Year zodiac symbols representing the years dog, monkey, dragon etc We were also introduced to the resident museum mouse (not real just a toy) I’ve been many times but didn’t know about it until my friend mentioned it – Boo enjoyed looking into the mouse’s house apparently if you write to the mouse the mouse writes a letter back to you! I’m sure we’ll try this in the next few years.

We treated ourselves in the cafe to cake and tea/coffee.

The activities suited both children even though there is an age difference (3 and 9) and both myself and friend enjoyed the afternoon too.

For those celebrating on Friday Happy Chinese New Year.

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