Run Wild Run Free

When my son (Monkey) was a few months old my husband decided to take up running as a means to get fit but has over the years has become increasingly involved such as being a run leader and mental health ambassador. He has done many different runs 5k, 10k, half marathons, marathons, triathlons and many others. Although not said often I am extremely proud of all of his achievements.

Over the years Monkey has watched my husband running with fascination and age 5 ran his first Park Run. Since then he has ran other races competing not just against children but adults too.

At age 9 he can only be entered into certain races as many have age restrictions and so there is only a handful of times a year he can do this. One race which he has now ran 3 times is the one that makes me an emotional wreck seeing him run towards the finish line with my husband running behind offering support, encouragement and usually carrying Monkeys discarded water bottle and hoody top!

Running for Monkey is a way for him to have freedom, run without care, no judgement made on his abilities and is something he is becoming increasingly better at each time. The smile on his face as wide as can be showing his gaps in his teeth of adult and baby teeth, his hair more untamed after running than when he gets up in the morning. His glasses slightly off his ears teetering on the edge of falling off. Hearing the crowd who don’t even know him willing him to the end of his long journey and pointing him in the direction of the finish line. When he finishes he shows off his medal “look mum I got a medal” and is excited to show me his free bottle of water before asking for a burger (at this run a local butcher sets up a van at the event selling the most amazing tasty handmade burgers).

As I mentioned Monkey has ran this race 3 times below are his times.

Appleby fun run (4k)

2017 placed 148/180 time 30 minutes 24 seconds age 8 1/2

2016 time 33 minutes 49 seconds age 7 1/2

2015 time 42 minutes 40 seconds age 6 1/2

I will always be proud of all his achievements big or small running wild and being free.

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