Rainbows are a beautiful sight no matter where you are in the world and they have become a symbol of hope and joy and have recently been used as part of a term following a baby born after miscarriage – rainbow baby.

So why am I talking about rainbows and rainbow babies well I signed myself up for a 5k run/walk raising money for baby loss.

Baby Loss Awareness week is this week 9th – 15th October and my husband who is activly involved in running various distances and who is very activly involved locally in running including being a run leader for a running group organised a 5k/10k run/walk to raise awareness and funds for Kicks Count and Tommy’s.

There are local events being held to run these distances and the distances can also be done virtually ie alone away from an orgaised event.

I wondered whether I should do it for a while. It was not necessarily the length of the run/walk I was unsure of doing but the cause. The cause is close to my heart as 10 years ago I had a miscarriage at 10 weeks and have since witnessed a friend have a number of miscarriages. No matter the length of time since miscarriage or the length of time of pregnancy the hurt and grief is still evident to all those affected by it, it’s not simply the just the woman but her partner, family and friends.

The world can be a cruel place but by putting on my trainers and donating £10 to run/walk the hope is that others will be supported during these times of sadness. It was the thought my own daughter potentially going through this in the future as my mum had before me that made me see I had to do this.

I have shed many tears over the years since our misscariage however Monkey is our rainbow baby and he was the start of our journey to becoming the family we have become.

Although most run/walks are taking place from today (9th) yesterday due to work and family commitments I along with my friend, her husband and our children all completed walking the 5k distance around Talkin Tarn (the 2 eldest children ran round most of it and probably did a much longer distance).

We had a really fun time catching up, being silly, the kids had a great time and although it was for a sad cause that was always at the forefront of each of the adults minds it was on the whole a happy walk and will be a happy memory to hold onto.

For further information on baby loss week please visit Baby Loss Awareness

For further information on the charities I mentoned please go to;



If you are interested in reading about my husbands running and the charity work he is involved via running please follow the link.

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