Walking into Autumn

In my previous post Autumn I mentioned I enjoy going for a walk during this time of year.

At this time of year I notice my surroundings more such as the leaves on the trees changing colour, walking through crunchy leaves, the lull of birdsong, the gentle rustle of the cool breeze through the bushes and the return of the low sun still warm but which now gives a burnt orange glow over the objects it shines upon.

Yesterday I took the children for a walk around Talkin Tarn we hadn’t been for a while and they both seemed to be in adventurous moods as they wanted to explore the forest area far more than usual and in fact Boo was extremely adventurous and a sign perhaps of the girl she will grow into fearless walking further into the forest wanting to walk slightly ahead of me as she declared she is a big girl now (age 2 years and 10 months) picking up golden brown leaves as she went then counting them and throwing them up in the air to fall around her face and down to the forest floor below.

Monkey enjoyed walking through the forest telling me to look up at this tree and that tree trying to decide which tree was the tallest and we discussed what animals we might find (I’m sure I caught a glimpse of a squirrel scrabbling up a tree trunk).

My little explorers and I will be back again soon walking through the fallen leaves and perhaps even jumping in the muddy puddles.

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