Autumn – lets not dwell on the indecisive weather one moment cold the next sunny and warm mixed in with extremely strong winds and torrential rain. These bits I often forget about until the season is upon us.

This time lets focus on the good parts. It is my favourite season of the year for a few reasons, and yet they’re mostly related to nature and/or colour.

The soft glow of the low sun in the sky.

The early morning Autumn sun on the children’s play house

The colours of Autumn.

Love the colours of these plants they bring a jot of colour to the garden even on those bleak dark days

The way the tree’s change from being green to becoming a multitude of varying colours.

The way that as the trees shed their leaves you get to see the birds nests made in the distant past of the summer.

Every summer a pair of wood pigeons make this tree their home I always marvel at their nest perched precariously on the branches

The beautiful gems found from trees the acorns, pine cones, conkers.

The first conker to be found this year

The return to school feeling I still buy myself new stationery and other essentials for work at this time of year. I have found a lovely lunchbag I’m planning to buy when it’s back in stock.

This season brings the return to all our family birthdays one after the other it certainly keeps us busy and cake filled right through until middle of February.

Lovely homemade stews, casseroles and soups along with puddings of various crumbles and apple pie.

Butternut squash and red pepper soup

Picking and carving pumpkins. We went to a local animal farm last Autumn and they had a pumpkin field set up where you picked a pumpkin to carve. It was messy but so much fun with the children I hope we can do this again this year.

Walking on sunny cool days usually around a lake or somewhere in the Lake District, it always makes me happy especially when followed by a lovely warm mug of coffee…and perhaps a slice of hot chocolate fudge cake.

Walk around Talkin Tarn and the surrounding forrest

Staying in and getting cosy on the sofa with a hot water bottle, blanket, lots of squishy cushions, a cat by my side whilst I read or perhaps whilst watching a film with a mug of coffee or a hot chocolate.

Charlie cat stealing my hot water bottle

What are your favourite parts of Autumn?

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