Fixing The Small Things

Stuart the Minion usually sleeps in Monkeys bed along with several other toys. For the past week Stuart has had part of his overalls hanging off needing a couple of stitches.

However being a busy mum with little time to sit still let alone fix everything I had forgotten to fix him.

As I took the children to bed tonight Boo who notices everything noticed Stuart sitting alone and said in a sad voice…

Imyon broken

(At 2 she can’t say Minion). Monkey held Stuart up and in an equally sad voice said in a deep voice for Stuart

I’m sad.

So although tired I hunted down a needle, thread and scissors and whilst waiting for my coffee to cool with Charlie cat curled up on my knee I fixed one of my son’s favourite toys. I’m going to sneak into Monkey’s room later and put Stuart back where he belongs and look forward to my son smiling in the morning with hopefully a happier voice for Stuart.

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