In The Moment Magazine Review

Sitting in my bedroom last night with one cat purring by my feet on a wet evening while my husband is sitting downstairs watching the football I felt like reading something a bit different.

In The Moment magazine is a relatively new magazine the issue I’m reviewing here is issue 2 although I did pick up issue 1 last month it seems to have disappeared amongst my other magazines still to read.

The tagline under the heading is “mindful ways to live your life well”. Like many people I’m interested in being more mindful but still new to the concept so having a magazine aimed at those ideas sparked an interest in me.

The pages are lovely quality not the cheap glossy pages of most magazines. It has 114 glorious colour pages and includes many photographs and illustrations.

Like many similar styled magazines the magazine is split into different sections these being:

  • Wellbeing
  • Living
  • Creating
  • Escaping

There is a detailed spread on pages 6-7 introducing the contributors which in most magazines are tiny snippets at best or just a name in others so it is uplifting to see they are each valued in their contributions.

There are many different articles recipes and short snippets in this issue such as reasons to be cheerful, sky gazing, bringing the indoors out and a fascinating read of the power of plants.

In the creative section of this issue there’s projects using flower cut outs designed by Anna Alicia who you can read more about in her interview – I love the buttons she has created.

The magazine also has little extras an 8 page mini magazine which has a recipe and crossword amongst other things. The flower designs mentioned above and hand illustrated thank you postcards.

The magazine is a fascinating read covering so many mindful ways to enhance your life. What I love is that it’s an easy read you don’t have to go and change your whole life to fit in some mindfulness and this makes it accessible for all even busy mum’s like me!

Having read this issue I look forward to issue 3 which is due out on the 24th August. Until then I’ll be reading more on their website (link below) and following them on the various social media platforms listed below.

Info to note:

  • Price: £5.99
  • Website:
  • Facebook: InTheMomentMag
  • Instagram: inthemomentmag
  • Pinterest: inthemomentmag
  • Twitter:

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