Knowsley Safari Park 

We’ve never ventured to Knowsley safari park before so we didn’t know what to expect. On the way there we phoned to reserve our seats on the monkey bus as I didn’t really want the alternative option of driving round in my own car in the monkey section o the park where they can sit on your car and potentially damage it.

When we arrived it was brilliant blue skies and lovely and warm however 30 minutes into us arriving the heavens well and truly opened and it didn’t stop raining until we arrived home several hours later!

This didn’t deter us of course however the wild duck who had mistakenly flown into the power cables causing a park wide power cut did effect us.

Sadly due to safety the monkey bus was unable to take us into quite a bit of the safari part so we didn’t see the monkeys close up however they took us on the safe car journey which meant we could see them through the wire.

There are many animals to see not just in the safari section there are owls, elephants and giraffes.

There’s also sealions which I was less keen on mainly as they were involved in a show which although shows off their capabilities and intelligence I felt the show was like an old circus show where animals always did tricks. The children and husband enjoyed the show and it was good but just not for me.

There are also quite a few rides when you first enter the park, useful for when waiting for the bus.

My favourite part however was walking up a platform to  reach the top of where the giraffes were eating I stood and watched them for a while with Monkey who was equally drawn into watching how it took the leaves off with its long tongue.

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