Steam train currently only goes a short distance from the station

Beamish is in County Durham and is described as an open air museum which depicts the lives of those in the 1820’s, 1900’s, 1940’s and they now have plans to have a 1950’s town in the next 5 years. It’s an incredible place everything there is from that time period whether it’s the trams and busses which take you around the site, the steam trains, the sweet shop where you can watch sweets being made and you can buy them or the bakers where we bought our lunch of pork and bacon pies which we ate on the grassy hill of the park complete with bandstand and park bell.

You can visit a school, church, dentist, fairground and even go down the drift mine!

Each and every building has been found from elsewhere each brick numbered and painstakingly rebuilt and restored buildings to their once original beauty.

Their website and blogs on various parts of the museum are very interesting reads providing lots of behind the scenes information of where some things have originally been sited and their progress on new features.

It’s a long time since I’ve been to Beamish at least 10 years and for my husband much longer has passed not having been since primary school so we could certainly see many changes.

When I last visited I went with my parents and my grandparents who enjoyed it as they both pointed out items from their childhood that they remembered their parents having even comparing notes and some items they still had tucked away in their own home.

The entrance ticket is very good value for money as you can use the ticket again as many times as you like over the year which I think is fantastic particularly as we didn’t quite see everything such as the farm (with animals) and didn’t visit the houses around the pitt so another family day trip will be made here within the 12 months of our ticket.

During the summer they are having various events in their summer of fun for more information see the above link.

It’s more than just a museum, it’s history presented in it’s real-life form it’s very much worth a visit for all the family as there is something for everyone.

Beat the buzzer on the fairground
Coconut Saloon at the fairground
Sadly that wasn’t us that had knocked the coconut off with the 3 balls provided
Park bell
Beautiful detailed pavement walking from the tea room
Engine shed
Wheel on carriage used down mine
Carriages and track at the mine
At the mine
Engine shed
Upstairs view from a tram
One of the many advertising boards
Early advert
Car in garage
Bakers where we bought our lunch of pork and bacon pies
In the Masonic lodge
Clock in Barclays bank
Safe in Barclays bank
Water bowl for dogs outside Barclays bank
Tram (above is the picture from upstairs of this tram)
Tram and bus
Horse carriage loved the caption on the side of this one “happy days”
A sad looking teddy bear in one of the houses the baby high chair it’s sitting in can also be seen in the grocery store it could be changed to rock or baby could use bit under seat as potty! Boo was interested in this!
Dentist chair the room has various other equipment and there are teeth on display
Rollers for washing
Buttons in the haberdashery

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