Morecambe Beach

While we were at the Haven caravan site we went to Morecambe for a little day trip (even though there is a beach close to the campsite). We’ve been a few times before and have enjoyed walking around the town but the day we visited this time we mainly just stayed on the beach.

The sand is a little gritty likely due to the amount of broken up bits of shell found in the sand and also there is a shilly beach further down the same stretch of coastline. This does have benefits though in that it made perfectly formed sandcastles!

The sky was a beautiful bright blue contrasting beautifully with the colour of the sea. While little boats sailed around.

We spent a lovely time on the beach watching the waves lap ever closer to us having the potential for the sea to take away our sandcastles and our treasured beach finds (a few extra shells for our increasing collection) and a small skeleton of a crab along with a shell from a crab.

The time was blissful watching the children play with a colourful ball of zoo animals printed on it, a small kite which both children (and husband) had fun sending up into the blue of the sky, time only interrupted by the need to find lunch in a quiet cafe along the seafront.

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