Trains, boats and Beatrix Potter

Whilst we were at the Haven caravan site we went on a few day trips.

Our first trip was to Lakeside and Haverthwaite Railway

The last time we went there Monkey was 3 years old so it was fun to go back. There are all kinds of things there that you can explore however the day we went it was torrential rain and so we sheltered in the cafe instead of going to look around the platform where you can see a large water tower used for steam trains, there’s a large steam train you can see which is in the car park and there’s a shed with various trains in.

On the platform that day there was a man with owls offering to let anyone hold one, sadly I missed out on this opportunity to hold one of my favourite animals… next time.

As we sat waiting for our steam train in the cafe we had some milky coffees and the children had crisps. We sat opposite a huge drawing painted on the wall of the cafe depicting a scene in the drivers carriage of 2 men shovelling the coal into the furnace and checking the temperature.

The steam train was a lovely old train (sorry I didn’t get a photograph) which had blue checkered seats. As we slowly pulled out of the station the ticket conductor came around and put a hole in everyones train ticket.

There is a long dark tunnel not long after leaving the station so if you have very young children or those that are not keen of the dark prepare them for this in advance.

The journey lasts approx 45 minutes and takes you through The countryside passing little houses and farms and stopping at a couple of similar old style stations. The final destination takes you to the Lakes Aquarium which is situated on Lake Bowness. We went to the aquarium a couple of months ago and so we decided not to go there this time but instead got on the boat which was set to leave 7 minutes after we arrived on the train to go to Winderemere.

We got reduced ticket prices using a local resident reduction it’s not well known link below

Local Residents Card

On the boat you are able to buy food and refreshments, we had our lunch. Again the journey takes approximately 45 minutes passing by grand old riverside houses there are many other boats to look out for and we also saw a man on the back of a speedboat twisting and turning going over the waves from the boat.


When we arrived in Winderemere the children had an ice cream each Boo of course struggled to eat it all but she managed as best she could (the one scoop option of ice cream at the gift shop as you head towards the town offers good value for money as you get a very large scoop of ice cream). I took Monkey to Winderemere just me and him last summer.


We had a little while to wait for the return boat and the children noticed the sign for The World of Beatrx Potter and suggested we went in there – they loved it.

I have always been a fan of Beatrix Potter and so to have my children interested was lovely. Monkey has seen the Cbeebes cartoon of Peter Rabbit when he was younger but he wasn’t really interested in the books he did however recognise many of the characters.  I have read Boo Peter Rabbit and Jemima Puddle Duck which she loves and after our visit here I know she will be interested in the other stories.

At the exhibition you wait in line to see a short film of Beatrix Potter’s life and it explains about how the characters were formed and includes information on her less known stories.  After this you are immersed into the world of the characters going through a door where they have recreated the drawings into quite large models depicting scenes from her stories all were beautifully done and I took many photographs some on the insistence of the children!

Jemima Puddle Duck
Mr Tod

Mr Old Brown
Mrs Tiggywinkles
Jeremy Fisher
Jeremy Fisher meeting his friends Sir Isaac Newton, a newt, and Alderman Ptolemy Tortoise, a tortoise who eats salad
The Old Woman that lived in a shoe from Appley Dappley Nursery Rhymes
Mr McGreggr the farmer

The time seemed to fly by and we were soon back on our return journey first the boat then the train. We had an absolutely fantastic day and we all thoroughly enjoyed it.

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