Happiness at 2 

Sticky, sticky!!

Boo age 2 wasn’t a very happy little girl for most of yesterday as her teeth seem to be bothering her so I  wanted a quiet activity that wasnt messy. I suggested we stuck some stickers on some paper to make a picture.

She wasn’t convinced at first as I showed her the sticker book I had got for her from Hobbycraft.

The sticker book we have is called The Garden Sticker Book with 8 themed pages and over 1000 stickers fantastic value for money as it was only £4. Each sticker shows great detail and although there are some the same they come in different sizes such as the butterflies and houses so we used them to talk about size.

There are lots of different coloured butterflies to choose from and flowers so we talked about colours. There are small round stickers with various pictures on coloured backgrounds (when she seen these small round stickers at first she said they were boring, but soon chose some flowers from these). Her favourite page however was one with fairies I didn’t notice at the time 2 of the fairies she used in her picture although wearing the same outfit they are slightly different one is holding a flower and the other isn’t so there may be other slight differences in other stickers.

This was the first time Boo has used stickers but she soon became an expert at peeling them off the book (I started them for her but she managed to take them off and position them carefully on the paper).

I have in the past done similar activities with Monkey who as a toddler would pull apart most stickers by accident before they reached the paper. However these stickers seem quite robust even when she stuck them back in on themselves I managed to peel them back properly, she only managed to tear 2 which we managed to fix back together.

When finished she proudly took it to show her Daddy and brother with a big grin on her face. Boo really enjoyed this activity as before bed she was wanting to get the stickers back out to do more!

Do you know of any other sticker books or places I can get lots cheaply but which don’t fall apart in the hands of clumsy toddlers, particularly looking for fairies, flowers and butterflies of different sizes and colours.

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