The Simple Things Magazine May Issue Review 

Before the world awakes (the world being those in my house currently fast asleep) I like to have a little time to myself to relax.
This has only been happening for about a year where I get up before everyone else, it’s not always by choice that I get up so early that is due to Charlie cat knocking and miowing at my bedroom door.

One of the ways to relax at this time is to read a magazine.  Currently one of my favourites is a magazine called The Simple Things.

I reviewed this magazine a while ago when I first discovered this magazine and it still gets many views on the blog so there is certainly interest in the content of this lovely magazine.

The May Issue has only just came out in the UK on 26th April 2017 priced at £4.99 I find it very good value for money as it is printed on good thick quality paper, it is 130 pages long, beautiful photographs and fascinating articles. The man on the checkout at the local supermarket I bought this issue from questioned whether it was a good magazine as he hadn’t seen it before. I explained I liked it as it was different to all the other magazines.  It doesn’t focus on celebrity which I have over the years grew tired of reading about “X falls out of nightclub at 2am!” It doesn’t look at faddy diets, it doesn’t put it’s readers down or anyone else for that matter.

Instead the magazine celebrates all things associated with its tag line “taking time to live well”.

Each issue has a theme which runs through it, the May Issue is Flourish. The articles in this issue imclude

  • making flower crowns
  • How to plant a view
  • Healing powers of nature
  • Embracing imperfection
  • British safari
  • Identifying different gulls
  • Long weekends

It is a magazine I enjoy reading even articles I would perhaps skip in other magazines I actually read them here as the content is made simple for anyone to read and appreciate something different such as I didn’t know there were different kinds of gulls and the article living on the veg which talks about planting vegetables even in a small space I’m interested to try and I hadn’t heard of Persephone Books which reprints female (and some male) 20th century writings which have previously been neglected. The Simple Things website and blog are also interesting reads.

So while my world continues to sleep I’m going to enjoy the simple things in life of sitting with a rare hot cup of coffee, with no distracting tv, no children demanding more food/different tv programme/to be entertained instead I’m sitting on the sofa with Charlie cat purring on my knee.  Bliss.

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