A Walk Into The Wild Wild Wood

Encouraged by our An adventure  up a cliff Monkey asked if we could go for a walk somewhere.
We have already done the Gruffalo trail at Whinlatter Forest a couple of years ago but I was aware it had recently changed to include the use of an App to see digital characters from Julia Donaldsons book The Gruffalo (I reviewed this book 4 years ago on my other blog Once Upon A Time Stories the link for the post is here) come to life so that you can have your photo taken with them.

We downloaded the App before we went and arrived at Whinlatter Forest where it was dry and quite sunny but still cool enough to need wrapped up.

The last time we went Boo was only a few months old and we had wrapped her up in her snowsuit and had a special sleeping bag style cover on her pram which kept her snuggly warm and up the mountain we went with her pram a memory brought back when we visited recently.

This time Boo walked most of the route with Monkey both wrapped up warm wearing wellington boots.

The App did add a little bit of a fun element to taking photographs however we found it slow to work, which of course young children get a bit grumpy waiting posed for a picture and the final one of the Gruffalo we couldn’t get to work. However not all was lost there are still some wooden sculptures of characters including the Gruffalo which you can take normal pictures with.
One of Monkeys favourite parts of the walk was the little wooden hideaway structure which he hid in and peered out of (just be careful its slippery around there as Monkey found out slipping and falling on his bum nearly taking me down too as I had hold of him).

When we had finished our walk we went to the cafe which has wonderful views of the mountains surrounding the area where wild bird feeders are suspended on tree branches for cafe visitors to enjoy watching birds hopping to and fro either sitting on the balcony or from the warmth inside the cafe.

There are several different trails you can do at Whinlatter which I would like to try sometime when Boo is a little older and more steady on her feet.

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