The Mouse House

Don’t be alarmed there are no actual mice in the house, I am instead referring to one of my daughter’s favourite toys!
I bought her the mouse house for her second birthday from the Early Learning Centre I had been looking at getting her a small wooden dolls house to have little figures but she was and still is putting things in her mouth and or throwing things so I thought perhaps something smaller and more robust would be best for now.

As soon as she seen it she liked it and giggled when she saw the little characters. Some characters came with the house others I bought separately. Some of the figures are actually from when my son was little I think we had only one character crack since getting the older ones out and that was due to Boo throwing it across the room onto the wooden floor (it was Rudolph the reindeer).

Recently I’ve heard her use different voices when playing with it mostly deeper or squeaky versions of her own voice. She has started saying,

Knock knock

Whose there?

Mouse [or whatever character is stood outside the door]

How are you today

Fine, come in

And she’ll sit and do this with every character including accessories such as the table and chairs!

It has been a great learning tool to learn what the different characters are. When she puts a character into a bed she’ll say

[Insert characters name] is in bed, shh (putting her finger to her mouth.

It’s these little things I so desperately want to remember, as she won’t always play with her mouse house but for now it is one of her favourites and I’m so pleased I bought it as it’s one of my favourites too!

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