Proud Mummy

Each day I am very proud and happy with both my children’s achievements however great or small we celebrate each and every achievement.

Yesterday I was a very proud mummy as both had achieved big things. Boo age 2 is well on course for her age as discussed at the parents evening we went to last night at nursery. The key person a lovely lady took us through all the achievements and targets set for her age and we were able to see that in some areas she was slightly more advanced than her age and in communication she was only slightly down but the lady assured us that Boo would be ok it was simply that to achieve the next target in communication she would need to start asking more questions and using words such as because.

The lady also explained how Boo instigates play and is very sociable she gets everyone involved particularly in messy play (apparently they were playing with sticky pasta and after not being sure to touch it at first noticed she could throw it and that it would stick, the entire nursery class then joined in with the very messy play which went everywhere)!! But she’s equally happy to sit and play on her own with dolls house or looking at books (all of which she puts away when she is done).

She also appears to have a good friend (G) who does the same days as her and they make sure they both have something to play with and appear to share things well.

Monkey did his first performance of the Easter show at school (second performance today which husband and Boo are going to). He had originally said he was playing an old man and then this changed to him saying he was playing Jesus. We were not sure if Monkey was right about this as it would be a big part and he has never been centre stage mainly just a non descript character or working on sound effects. However as I took him to school yesterday to his before school reading club one of his teachers noted that he was Jesus and that she would make sure he got to his classroom early to change as the show couldn’t go ahead without him!

I was surprised that he had indeed been given the part as he’s always been overlooked and he struggles with so many aspects of school that all other teachers have never gave him any opportunities like this before.

As I sat in the audience waiting for him I was worried for him. There were a lot of parents and two year groups in the audience watching their performance. I needn’t have worried he did well, it’s a non speaking part and I could see his teachers giving him instruction by miming actions (he’s a daydreamer and needed reminding, but that’s ok).

He was beaming his smile was as big and wide as his face so he clearly enjoyed it. Monkey later told me that everyone had told him how well he had done and his teacher Mr K had given him the thumbs up.

Here’s to more achievements however great or small they will be celebrated.

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