Little White Rabbit

I haven’t sewn by hand for a long time however on the eve of Mothers day I finally found some time to make a little rabbit for my own mum for mothers day.

I had seen little sewn animals on Pinterest when I was on maternity leave scrolling through the pages in the tiny hours feeding Boo. The projects I had seen had little embroidered flowers and other decorative patterns some even had tiny beads sewn in a pattern.

As noted I haven’t sewn for a number of years probably not regularly since I was 16 so I didn’t want anything too complicated.

I drew the shape of the rabbit (freestyle again I haven’t drew for a long time) onto a cereal box to get a template.

I then drew around the template onto some white material I had bought this a while ago in a fabric sale. It feels like felt on one side and on the other side it is completely smooth.

Once I had cut out 2 rabbit shapes I started sewing it together, leaving one section open so that I could fill it with toy stuffing

Once completely filled I sewed the gap and started giving the rabbit some features. 2 black eyes and a little pink nose! I did consider trying to embroider some flowers by its leg but I decided I needed more practice first.


I wrapped my mum’s present of a wild rose and lavender candle (which smells lovely) along with the rabbit.

She told me the rabbit was lovely but hadn’t heard me say that I had actually made it! I repeated that I had sewn it together and she liked it more. She then asked whether it was a sewing kit I had bought, she was surprised when I said it was all me, no sewing kit was involved!

The little white rabbit has now been given pride of place in her bedroom and sits with my Beatrix Potter collection of books and figurines I collected as a child (I really want these in my home but at the moment I have nowhere safe to put them).

My mum asked what I planned to make next, my reply “more rabbits but with decorative patterns of Spring flowers.” So watch this space!

Have you made any embroidered small animals/shapes, any tips?

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