Chicken Dippers/Nuggets Recipe

Let me set the scene for you. The day had been a mix of sunshine and rain and in between the rain the children had played outside and I planted lots of lovely flowers. As evening approached and while Boo had a nap and Monkey was doing his homework for school I needed a quick and tasty meal that the three of us would enjoy.

I had made chicken dippers/nuggets many years ago for Monkey and I hadn’t made them for a while and so I thought this would be a perfect recipe to make and I changed it slightly to how I had previously made it.


2 chicken thighs

1 egg

Chopped Parsley (can use dried if fresh not available)


Zest of 1 lemon

1 fork

1 spoon

Baking tray/dish

Tin foil/baking paper

Cooking oil

Cut chicken into bite sized bits and put to one side

Put the egg, lemon zest and parsley (i used fresh straight from the garden grown last year and still going strong) in a high sided bowl and mix together (you can add salt if you like but I don’t use it, the bowl I used was a pasta bowl).

Put the breadcrumbs in another high sided bowl, again I used another pasta bowl.

Before you start put the tin foil/baking paper covering the bottom of your baking tray/dish.

Then the fun part get a fork and spoon put the fork into the chicken and twirl it around the egg mix making sure to cover the chicken lightly all over. Then put the chicken in the crumb bowl and spoon over some crumbs with the spoon.

Put the chicken on the baking tray/baking dish

Repeat above steps until all the chicken is covered. If you have crumbs left over tip them over your chicken to cover any remaining gaps.

Drizzle each chicken nugget with cooking oil.

Put in the oven and cook for 15 minutes at 200 degrees Celsius (but check they are fully cooked before serving).

We had ours with carrots, peas, sweetcorn and chips (I was going to make it with roasted potatoes but I had used them all the previous evening)!

The smell from the lemons and parsley make this really refreshing and much tastier and satisfying than shop bought versions.

Monkey said

This is the best chicken ever!

Boo although apprehensive at first as she’s not keen of crumbs took one bite and from there ate them all and asked for some of mine as they were;




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