Toy Family

Nana and Granda in Boo’s make believe world

It is safe to say in this house we love Early Learning Centre toys particularly their Happyland series of toys aimed at children aged 2-5.

Most of the little people Boo plays with were once her brother’s and most of these were played with every day for several hours. Some even went on adventures to the park, shops, farms basically anywhere my son Monkey went you would often find a little character stuffed into one of his pockets or in his rucksack!

So it was with great joy when I got the little people out of their hibernation and brought back to life by 2 year old Boo. She has recently started giving them voices just deeper or squeaky versions of her own voice. Again like my son certain characters represent our family.

A few of Boo’s favourites – Mummy is the lady in the pink hat and glasses

Daddy is apparently the fireman and also the builder (it depends which she finds first)!

Mummy is currently a lady with earrings and hat or sometimes the old lady! (I think I best buy some more female characters)!

Nana (grandma) is the old lady

Granda (grandfather) has been a pirate recently (I’m not sure where the old man has gone who was the grandfather when Monkey played with them.

There is a Fox I recently bought her who is currently one of our cats Charlie in her make-believe world as its the right colour (I’m planning to buy Boo some more characters with pets in).

I love how all the characters can be played with no matter the story. They are simply another person in the make believe world in which children play. They can have a pirate sit and eat cake with a mouse who has arrived on the scene with a unicorn pulling a princess carriage. A child’s make believe world can be as big or as small as they like and can go anywhere their imagination takes them.

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