Mother’s Day 2017

It’s easy for certain events to all blur into one so I am using the blog today as a reminder to myself for years to come that Mother’s Day 2017 was a good one.

After an always confused start when the clocks go forward for spring (Spring forward, Fall back) and not having changed the clocks before going to bed I actually started mothering Sunday at just after 5am!! This was certainly not by choice but one of my cats Charlie is quite an insistent cat who demands to go out at 6am every day and so the time change hadn’t been noted by him!

After a few hours of quietly pottering  around downstairs I went to get Monkey up, I had already heard he was awake but he’s quite happy to sit and play with his toys (Lego at the moment sitting in bed). As soon as I walked in he gave me the biggest smile and said

Mum I’ve got this to show you

In his room my husband had left my mothers day presents for Monkey to give to me. Monkey being 8 is so excited by present giving that those expecting to open a present themselves from him will find that he will open them for you and tell you what everything is before you have even looked!

I was given,

  • 2 mother’s day cards one from each child made at school/nursery
  • A kit to grow sunflowers (it has the soil, sunflowers and you plant them in a pretty blue terracotta pot that is also in the kit)
  • A kit to grow Fresia’s in a decorative lilac watering can which again comes with everything required
  • A pink jug which has the words “love you mum” at the top (I had actually seen the jug a few days earlier and thought it would look pretty at home)!
Made by Boo age 2

My husband later told me Boo had chosen all the presents. Once the task was explained to her she had walked up and down the aisle (all from Sainsbury’s by the way) and had quickly chosen all the presents. When my husband noted how quick she had been to choose she had grinned at him and clapped her hands together in a job done/done and dusted kind of way.


Later in the morning I drove Monkey and my husband to the cinema so that they could watch a film and go into town afterwards whilst I took Boo swimming.

Before swimming I took Boo into the supermarket, she refused to get into a trolley despite telling her she would be tired for swimming walking around the shop but being 2 and very independent she wants to walk more. So hand in hand we walked around bumping into someone I know from work. Poor woman looked in a rush and had it seemed only intended to say hi and have a quick how are you type conversation. However Boo had other plans and typical for a young chatter box proceeded to tell the lady about her shoes (blue patent leather with little blue butterflies) and to then point at her jeans which have cat faces on the knees! She also tried to explain where Monkey was and that she was going swimming!

Boo loves going to her swimming lessons which I have taken her to since she was about 9 months old. The pool we go to is lovely and warm it’s like stepping into a huge warm bath. She did well and has started coordinating her legs to kick kick kick to propel herself around the pool. She loves diving in and swimming under water is certainly a favourite.

After swimming I took her to the garden centre which is across the road from the swimming pool. I managed to convince her that getting in a trolley there would be the best way for her to see the fish they have. She quite happily sat and we looked at the fish, the many pretty flowers and I bought (all in the sale)

  • 2 black ceramic pots
  • Purple, pink and white tulips
  • A selection of blue and pink hyacinths

All planned to go in the front garden as a little display as my front garden is heavy clay soil I thought they would do best in the pots.

Later Boo had a nap, Monkey was happily playing with Lego again and husband went for a run so I thought I would clear some weeds in the back garden, seems there were more weeds than flowers so I may have to go and get some plants to fill the huge gaps and make time for myself to get the task completed!

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