Snow Day

Snow day from a couple of years ago

As I look out of my window now at lunchtime you wouldn’t have thought that the day had started with a snow storm!

The snow came down quick and everything (including my feet in my not so snuggly and warm boots it appears) got soaked in the ice cold wetness.

Monkey, my weatherman like most children was excited to see the snow and excitedly asked whether he could build a snowman?

When we arrived at the school the snow hadn’t laid on the sodden wet ground due to the very early downpour of rain. My son asked

Where has the snow disappeared to?

A quick explanation was given as he ran into school. As I walked back to my car and drove off to work I reflected on the mornings weather…

Snow… an unexpected pure white and cold consequence to the expected warmth against the colourful Spring flowers.

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