Sometimes Something Small Makes The Biggest Difference

Last week I took a break from the blog, I just didn’t have the energy and spent most of the week due to various factors not feeling overly happy…

Until we got a note from my son’s teacher to let us know that Monkey had been given a main part in the Easter assembly which involves the children acting out an Easter based play in front of the school (I’m not sure if parents are invited this is our first year in the junior school, still full of the unknown and the unsure).

Monkey has never been given a main part, he’s usually part of a crowd or making sound effects at the side of the stage (at Christmas for instance making donkey clip clop walking noises). In the show he did at the end of infant school he was one of a couple of children being a buzzy bee chasing a character around the stage for a couple of minutes with no lines (they were doing the jungle book).

At Easter though he apparently has the part of an old man who has to touch the head of the child acting as Jesus and asks for help. Yes it’s a small main part but for my son and family this is a huge achievement for him and so this small note on Friday lifted my spirits.

Saturday I spent most of the day with Boo, Monkey had been treated to a day out with my husband and they had gone to watch the Lego Batman film (for the second time)!

It was a very windy wet day and I didn’t want to go too far so after a little wander around town we found a cheap bird table kit to make for our garden and we had lunch giggled and played lots with her toys. When the weather cleared up for a little bit we went to a local garden centre as she likes looking at flowers and we like visiting the animals that are there.

After a walk around (at toddler pace and by her direction) we went to look at the animals (currently there’s restrictions on viewing some animals in the UK set by Defra and therefore you can’t walk around their enclosure at the moment) however we got as close as we could so she could say hello to the ponies and ducks. As we walked away from the ducks we could hear them quacking a lot and I said they were shouting bye to her! After a little while and by this point quite a distance from the ducks we heard them quacking again this time Boo turned around and shouted back

Bye ducks see you again!

Two members of staff heard this and I could hear them talking about the girl who loved ducks!

On Sunday I took Monkey to his grandparents whilst I took Boo to her weekly swimming class. I’ve been taking her to classes since she was about 9 months old she has loved it from the very first moment we started and smiles most of the time we are there even smiling after coming up from the bottom of the pool after a dive. On Sunday she managed to coordinate her legs to kick kick kick (she has been floating a lot previously and not kicking whilst I guide her around the pool holding her loosely around her waist) when she realised she had managed to start doing her legs properly she was starting to work out what to do with her arms by watching the older children in the class (she’s the youngest the other children are age 3+).

Monkey read his book to me and I realised how far he had come on with his reading another great achievement for him especially since only a year ago he would protest at being asked to read one page but now he is reading several pages with fewer mistakes and even telling me he wants to complete the book in one sitting instead of over several days!

As the end of the weekend was fast approaching and with both children busy doing their own thing (Boo napping after swimming and Monkey watching a film) I decided to complete the project of building the bird table. I told Monkey what I was planning to do and he said

Ok mum, go and enjoy yourself!

I did! This response from my son was the most uplifting moment I had experienced for a while, as a mum and like many other mums I put my own needs and wants firmly last and try and ensure everyone else is ok first so to be told to go and enjoy myself doing something I had wanted to do for a while was fantastic.

The legs on the bird table I felt wouldn’t support it so I improvised by putting the table into a large plant pot filled with soil I then planted pansies around the base, it looks really pretty however I haven’t seen any birds using it.

As I finished in the garden my neighbours commented on the bird table and asked where I had got my hanging baskets I had planted a couple of weeks ago, I explained I had done them myself they are keen gardeners and put my little garden to shame and they told me how lovely they looked. You can read about my baskets here.

Later I reflected on my weekend and realised sometimes the smallest things can make the biggest difference in affecting your mood, these small things had made me happy.

What small things make you happy?

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