Baskets of Flowers

DSCF0993Last weekend the Sunday morning felt like a beautiful spring morning. There was heat in the sun, the brightness from it was shining down into my garden and highlighted the need for me to re-do my hanging baskets.

I’m not very good with gardening or rather I’m not very good at keeping plants alive it seems. Most disappear presumed eaten by slugs (this is perhaps my own fault if they are eaten by slugs as I don’t use slug pellets, with 2 cats and children it doesn’t feel safe also mainly because I dislike this sort of thing I much prefer natural gardening). Plants also seem to die quickly in my gardens (I have a front garden and back garden).

Most of the plants that have survived winter are accidental plants in that I didn’t plant them they have either arrived in the wind or birds have dropped them! I have a random unknown species of tree growing in a shallow trough it has survived really well and has grown tall I’m nervous to repot it but it deserves a much better pot than the one it’s in at the moment.

I have an unknown plant which in the past few months has had fruit on it I never planted it but the birds have enjoyed it.

I have a wild rose which appears through my fence (I’m an end house and the rose grows next to my fence at the side of my the house) seeing this however relies on the Council who maintain the grassy areas to not cut the rose down. They have done this several times but it reappears in a glorious pale yellow.

I went to the garden centre with the children and we bought some primulas in shades of purple, white and pink. There were some red in the packs but I’ve put these in a separate tub (which has another random flower growing in it that I didn’t plant)!

I emptied the two hanging baskets which were full of weeds and put in a new basket liner for one of them (the other doesn’t need a liner). Filled them both with fresh multi-purpose soil and filled them with the primulas and also with another plant (sorry no idea what it is it looks a little like ivy I just know I’ve used it before in hanging baskets and it looks pretty once it has grown down the side).

After I had tidied up and stood washing dishes in my kitchen I looked out at the garden at my newly potted baskets I realised this simple task had made me happy, isn’t it surprising that sometimes the simple things do actually make you the happiest!

What is your simple thing for happiness?

6 thoughts on “Baskets of Flowers

  1. Just walking around my gardens with a cup of tea makes me happy, if as now, it is too soggy & cold to do any real playing in the dirt. And there are hardly any flowers yet, but my mind sees all the possibilities, and what is to come. Sometimes the dreams are better than the realities, and that’s okay, too!

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