Spring has sprung?!

Spring is one of my favourite times of year and depending which definition of Spring you use according to the Met Office depends on when it starts in the UK!

1st March 2017 is the first day of meteorological spring

20th March 2017 is the first day of the astronomical spring.

Meteorological spring relates to the Gregorian calendar of splitting the seasons into 4 periods of 3 months each which makes it easier to compare weather statistics as it’s split in the same way each year. In this definition spring finishes 31st May 2017.

On the other hand astronomical spring refers to the position of the earths orbit in relation to the sun taking into account the equinoxes and solstices this varies each year making it difficult to look at statistics accurately. In this definition spring finishes 20th June 2017.

So has spring sprung near you yet? I’m going to use the Meteorological definition!!

I think spring has certainly sprung here. The birds are busy singing very early in the mornings again, I’ve seen a few birds carrying nesting material (and dropping it all in my garden). I have been to the garden centre and have bought some spring flowers. The crocus’s and daffodils have poked through the soil along a path near my house (a reminder yet again I didn’t buy or plant any of these lovely bulbs again each year I see them everywhere apart from in my own garden)!

Spring is also when I start to enjoy having a cup of coffee in the garden usually with my furry friend Charlie Cat as in the above picture. When it gets much warmer usually in late spring and during the summer I like having my breakfast in the garden watching the sun rise.

I also like watching the trees change shape with the arrival of leaves and blossom.

There’s also more opportunity to get the children outside playing and exploring with the arrival of lighter evenings and warmer weather.

What are your favourite things about spring?

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