Talkin Tarn

In the last of my series of posts about some of my favourite places I thought I’d show you Talkin Tarn. I don’t go very often as when it’s a cold day it is very cold there.
The Tarn is a glacial lake, little boats go on it, ducks, swans, sheep and other wildlife are all present. There’s a forest area and a little cafe and play area. It’s a place where many people with dogs go to walk there or if you just want a long walk as there’s a path that takes you completely around the lake. Many trees surround the lake and some have fell into the Lake which start many conversations about trees with my son.

I’m not familiar with the history of the area but there’s an old large house set back from the lake perhaps they owned it at some point. It’s currently in a neglected state of disrepair but I imagine it must have been lovely to open the window in the morning to be met by the lovely views.

Graceful looking swans on the surface until they do this

2 thoughts on “Talkin Tarn

  1. Did you know they are revamping the playground at Talkin’ Tarn! Exciting news for us fellow Mums! Also that great big old hotel has planning permission to be turned into apartments!

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