Water Ducks and Mountains Part 2

As you can see from the title this is part 2 of a post I wrote a few days ago. Part 1 can be found clicking the following link Water Ducks and Mountains
In Part 2 I wanted to just show some more photographs of Keswick because it truly is lovely and I have visited quite often and therefore have more beautiful photographs. I love how I have captured the water rippling and how the different amounts of brightness from the sun can change the look of the same location.

The below photograph I didn’t actually realize I’d captured what looks like a photo-bomb until I looked at my camera when I had got home as I had just been pressing the button quickly and repeatedly to take some quick photographs but I just love its expression!

Hope you enjoyed looking through these extra photographs, I go there reasonably regularly so no doubt you will see many more photographs like these in the future.

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