Beach Life

The UK may not always be so lucky with the weather (Storm Doris for instance and I heard last night Storm Ewan is on the way to parts of Ireland) – and we may not have many months, weeks or sometimes even consecutive days of hot British summer however we still have some lovely beaches to visit.
One such beach is St Bees in Cumbria which has a blue flag for its cleanliness. It is a mix of pebbles at the top section of the beach but further down there is soft sand. As a family we enjoy going there as there’s rock pools with little crabs to look for, pebbles to collect and seashells to discover amongst the sand and the pebbles.

We have been there in glorious sunshine and we have been there when it has rained a little. We have been when the tide is out and last time we got the timing wrong and arrived to find the tide was in and mostly everything was under the waves. However every time we have been we always have fun and there’s a small shop with a tea shop attached which sits on top of the cliffs overlooking the sea.

We have made many happy memories and of course have many little keepsakes!

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