Boat Trip

Asking Monkey what he wants to see or do can at times involve a challenge of how to meet his requests.

Last summer Monkey asked if we could go on a boat trip. I wasn’t sure where to go at first but then I remembered a recent conversation I had recently had with work colleagues.

We had been talking about places to visit in the Lake District and someone mentioned Windermere.

I hadn’t been there for many years, I don’t think I even drove the last time I had been (I passed my drivng test when I was about 19/20).

Whilst Boo was at nursery Monkey and I went off for the day to explore Windermere.

We managed to book onto a boat trip which took us around the islands, the trip lasted approximately 45 minutes which was long enough for a then 7 year old. The boat had a lower deck which would be cosy but it didn’t appeal to us. The upper deck was open top but was full, thankfully after enquiring with the man letting us onto the boat he said we could sit at the back of the boat as long as we promised not to fall out of the boat! (don’t worry we wouldn’t have fell out it was all safe). We sat on the seats next to the engine and exit, it was open top and we had much more room to spread out. We sat there with a few other families.

I don’t think I have ever been on the boat trips around Windermere so I thoroughly enjoyed it as though I was a child seeing it all for the first time. The weather was threatening to rain but that just added to the adventure.

After the boat trip we had some cake in a lovely cafe. Sadly we didn’t have enough time to explore Windermere properly the independent shops looked really lovely though and I promised Monkey we would be back sometime.

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