Water Ducks and Mountains


img_20160215_114128_kindlephoto-85512363I have never understood why this one place in the Lake District always attracts me to it the most especially since there are many other beautiful places in the Lake District. Perhaps it is because it has all three things I like to look at – water, ducks and mountains. I have been here so many times as a child, as an adult, with my parents, grandparents, husband and now both my children. The place – Keswick.

I have always enjoyed going there and the children thankfully enjoy going too.

Each time we go there’s a similar pattern, we walk through the town past all the little independent shops, cafes and even the toy shops to go straight to the lake where we go to the National Trust shop next to the lake to buy a bag of duck food for 50p

I remember as a child feeding the ducks, swans and geese who are often at the lake waiting to be fed. There are some quite large birds which as an adult are scary enough but as a child they look gigantic!!




Last Easter I took the children on an egg hunt at Keswick I thought it would be a short hunt consisting of looking under a few trees however they had incorporated a short planned out walk which is suitable for children as it was mainly flat grassland (probably not suitable however for wheelchairs it was difficult to push Boo in her pushchair). The route is available all year and it included walking through grassy parkland, going past a stream, heading around to the opposite side of the lake (I may have been several times before but had never been this side and it was equally if not more beautiful). There were tasks along the way which were loosely based on Beatrix Potter’s books and characters. One task which Monkey enjoyed most was to make a little wooden raft (the organisers had little wooden boats to assemble -a stick into a piece of wood) the children were encouraged to make a sail for their boat and to set it into the lake to see whether it floated! At the end of the walk Monkey received a chocolate rabbit which of course was gone quite quickly! I hope they do a similar event this year.


Last summer I took the children there for a picnic (I remembered to pack the picnic blanket for a change) we took homemade flapjack and from the grassy area overlooking the lake we watched the dogs paddling in the lake, the ducks waddling around and the walkers starting their journey up the many mountains in the area. There is certainly a lot to watch there if you enjoy sitting watching the world go by and this is certainly one of the beautiful places to people watch in all seasons.

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