Love… Children

Boo sharing her crumbs with me

Children open a new and exciting world to parent’s. Without the children I think the house would be too quiet, my rooms empty, I wouldn’t be as silly at times or perhaps go places I do with the children. Life would certainly be different.

As a parent I have waved at double decker busses full of passengers when Monkey was younger he loved busses – still does, he however often didn’t wave at them with me and it has been known for me to be stood there enthusiastically waving alone with him watching me!

I have danced silly dance moves in clothes shops or sang to songs in supermarkets to make the children smile, be happy and give me a little longer in the shop before a tantrum erupts.

I have mimicked animals at zoo’s, parks, anywhere to encourage the children to do the same and be less scared of what is in front of them.

I have sang nursery rhymes at baby groups and sang along to songs at baby and toddler swimming lessons.

I have stared endlessly at a model train with my son at a garden centre (if I want to buy plants there I know I have to stand there watching this train whizz round it’s track 20 times before we can move onto flowers)!

I have been told many imaginative stories, of lands far away. Been updated on the latest happenings of the characters on children’s shows as though it was my favourite show and been equally enthusiastic of the outcomes of the characters – Postman Pat always delivers on time and Fireman Sam always saves the day.

I have gone in search of conkers, fir cones, pebbles and seashells.

I have caught many falling leaves, ran after butterflies and identified many birds and creepy crawlies.

Of course these are the lovely parts of being a mummy and there are many difficult, frustrating, upsetting times we have had but I love being a parent and sometimes remembering those good bits is enough to get through the not so fun times. Parenting can be hard but it is equally fun. I love it.

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