Love… Pets

We’re not playing with it really…

At one point in my life I felt we had a little pet shop in our home at our busiest we had;

  • 2 cats
  • 3 mice
  • 2 gerbils
  • 1 hamster

It was certainly a crazy little time. We now only have the 2 cats who create as much chaos as above did.

Charlie (the ginger cat) was a surprise present from my husband (he ended up telling me about Charlie before he arrived). I had always wanted a cat as a child and every Christmas I hoped Santa would bring me one despite my parents repeatedly telling me we wouldn’t and couldn’t get a cat (I didn’t know then that my mum is allergic to cats)!

Charlie got his name from the Charlie Says adverts we both watched and liked as kids – I’ve added the link here.

Charlie didn’t come from a pet shop he came via someone who my husband worked with at the time who lived on a farm I seem to remember Charlie and his siblings were actually born in a barn which explains why we spent the next few months trying to rid him of lots of creepy crawlies that were in his ears and fur.

Willoughby was the cat we were not meant to get but fell in love with after hearing (not seeing him). We got Willoughby from a cat shelter who had temporarily been housed in someone’s home (she looked after some of the cats that needed extra attention). We had gone to see 2 other cats one that was cute but walked in a strange manner and had other health issues following a car accident and another which turned out to be too furry and would need constantly brushed. As we were looking at this furry cat Willoughby mewed, we didn’t see him as at the time he was so scared he actually had a security blanket that he hid under all of the time. Willoughby’s story is quite sad he had an owner and she had left to go to live somewhere that wouldn’t accept pets so left him with a relative who didn’t look after him very well. We were told not to expect him to become a lap cat however after a while he was sitting on my knee and loves getting stroked. He still hides a lot mainly when Monkey is around (he strangely doesn’t seem to mind Boo though even though given her age of 2 I would have thought he would be more scared of her)!

Charlie will be 13 this year and Willoughby has an approximate age given to him of 14. At times they are both annoying when they meow constantly for something but they are great company to us as a family and to each other they secretly like each other even when they pretend they don’t!

2 thoughts on “Love… Pets

  1. We always had a pet or two when i was growing up. Mainly cats. So the day my husband and i got home from our overseas trip where we got married we went straight out to that local shelter and got our little black fluffy kitty sookie. After our 2nd bub was born i decided we had to have a dog to complete our family so we got Ripley a beagle x cavalier king Charles

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