Love… Snapshot

Happy Valentine’s day!
There will be plenty of blog post more personal and romantic I suspect today and you will find many PDOA (public displays of affection) however this post isn’t too sickly sweet here is my quick snapshot.

Met hubby: at school he was in the year above he was in upper 6th form I was in lower 6th form (I was age 16 3/4 he was 17 3/4)

First date: cinema – there was, a choice of 2 films a Disney film or The Full Monty – he left it to me to choose and as I didn’t want to appear childish choosing the Disney film I took a risk and said The Full Monty – it turned out to be an excellent choice and we have watched that film a few times since! I can’t even remember which Disney film it was.

Proposed: Hubby did, down on 1 knee I didn’t suspect a thing

Married: in a church

First dance: Semisonic, Secret Smile (didn’t realise the version we had was very long)!

Honeymoon: Venice, Florence and Rome

I would do it all again in a heartbeat, happy Valentine’s day whatever you may be doing to celebrate.

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