Love… Siblings

Monkey and Boo holding hands

Being an only child I didn’t know or understand sibling love until Boo arrived into our lives.

Monkey was 5 during my pregnancy with Boo, he was still getting used to being at school and learning lots of new things.

I worried a lot during my pregnancy how would Monkey be with a brother/sister? We had spoke a lot with him before I became pregnant about the possibility of having a sibling and most of the time he was happy about this and as many of his friends at school became big brothers/sisters that year the more interested he became.

I thought it would be best to wait until the 20 week scan to let Monkey know so that we could explain that he would have a brother or a sister as we decided to find out whether the baby was a boy or a girl.

Later that day after the scan we sat him down and explained not only that I was pregnant but there was a baby girl in my tummy that would be his baby sister. He was happy but didn’t fuss and went back to playing.

Over the course of my pregnancy he became a little more interested and it seemed Boo liked the sound of Monkey’s voice as she always kicked and moved around most when he was nearby. This caught his interest and we would sit and talk and watch my tummy doing marvellous things that you can’t imagine liking the look of until you are pregnant.

One day in town I think I was about 7 months pregnant and we were going into a shop that sold maternity clothes he said “can I kiss you?” I of course said he could expecting a kiss on the cheek but he didn’t want that he wanted to kiss my tummy (not bare tummy btw on my t-shirt). He did this so gently and of course pregnancy hormones are a delight I had to hold the tears back as it was the sweetest moment. He never did it again but that memory will stay with me forever.

During his year in reception class at school they took it in turn to look after a bear for a weekend. The weekend it was his turn I knew he would be a good big brother as he looked after the bear making sure he was strapped in the car, that he was comfortable in the shopping trolley at the supermarket and he talked to the bear and told it not to worry, he would keep him safe.

Once Boo arrived Monkey was interested but disliked her crying however he loved to help whenever he could and often asked if he could hold her (under supervision).

Now that she is 2 she follows him around and copies everything he does much to his annoyance. They of course argue and at times get upset with each other but the love is very much clear to see and always present. At the weekend Monkey was watching the TV and Boo had been playing on her own for a while. She picked up one of her favourite cuddly toys climbed up onto Monkeys knee and cuddled into him like a little baby and closed her eyes.

It may not always be like this in the future but I’m grateful for the spontaneous moments I capture of the love they have of one another by camera or memory, long may it last.

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