Learning to Talk


“What do cows say” said mummy, “moo” said Boo, “well done so what do cats say” “ello” said Boo.

Boo of course was right in a way especially if she meant our Siamese cross cat Willoughby. Learning to talk is quite a difficult but interesting phenomenon to witness your baby going from making cute gurgling noises to becoming able to tell you what they want.

Boo at 2 can say a variety of things now most sound very cute below are a few examples,

  • Mummy
  • Daddy
  • Her brother’s name
  • Charlie (one of our cats)
  • Charlie where are you? (Said in a little singing voice as though Charlie is playing hide and seek)
  • Illoby (this is her attempt to say Willoughby our other cat)
  • Nana
  • Granda
  • All gone (referring mainly to when she’s eating)
  • Messy (again when she’s made a mess eating)
  • One, two eee! (The beginning of counting 1, 2 3)
  • Car
  • Bis (bus)
  • Clock
  • Look (followed by saying persons name)
  • Need elp (need help)
  • I do I do
  • Appy (happy)
  • Various body parts ears, mouth, eyes, head, hand, toes)
  • Various foods egg, milk, cake, apple, pear narna (banana) at the moment she can’t pronounce kiwi so it currently sounds like weewee
  • Meow (when she remembers cats do actually say meow rather than hello, her whole face scrunches up to say it which is very cute).

All of these words and phrases have helped her to communicate better with us and whenever she says something new it brings a big smile to her face she’s clearly happy that we’re understanding her more.

Last week after swimming we bumped into the parents of one of my friends Boo doesn’t really know them however when asked where her brother was said “[brothers name] at home with daddy” which was said very clearly but was said slowly and purposely she has started to think it seems about how to tell people something which really astounds me)! It’s clear she’s no longer a baby!

I think we may well have a little chatter box in the making but I’m looking forward to hearing more cute words and phrases over the coming years.

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