Little Artists


Happiness when I was a child was only a pencil crayon or paintbrush away.
Since having children I have a forever overflowing supply of art equipment including paint, sponge shapes to paint with, confetti shapes, various colours and sizes of paper, glitter…

However Monkey has never been that keen of paint and has preferred to make things that he can cut bits out of and stick to other things and it seems he enjoyed making his clay bowl at school (sadly it fell apart as it hadn’t fully dried see above).

Boo seems to enjoy painting and drawing. If you look closely at the above picture it says mummy and daddy she had told the nursery staff that this was what she had drawn if you look closer where there’s some yellow at the bottom of the picture there appears to be a smiling face.

All efforts are rewarded with praise in the hope they continue to develop their interests in art/crafts. As a child I was often seen doing a craft or painting such as making dolls clothes, drawing/painting pictures of animals so I’m always interested in what the children have been doing at school/nursery when they return home with various colours on their arms (Boo recently came home covered with green and red paint on one arm). The day Monkey had made his bowl at school his shoes were covered in clay water of course he hadn’t told us that they were still a bit mucky when he had came home he had put them away! (That day he had came home with his grandparents which is why we didn’t know about the messy shoes until the following morning until we were about to leave the house)!!

As Monkeys clay bowl hasn’t survived I plan to help him make another at home during the weekend as before he had brought it home he had excitedly told us all about it.

Art doesn’t have to be a grand masterpiece, it can be as big, small, neat or messy as you like. The main thing is that you have fun doing it.

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