Wishing Upon a Star

Shine bright little star, shine as bright as you can

Some people dream big others dream small but we have all wished for something in our lives.

Monkey age 8 has recently been talking to us about what he wants to be when he grows up. He has been telling us now for the past couple of months he would like to be a builder.

He’s always been interested when we have had workmen doing anything to our house but he was particularly interested in the builder’s who redesigned our back garden when we had to have it all dug up due to a burst sewage pipe (yes it truly was disgusting) anyway… Monkey asked the workmen lots of questions, at the time he was only 5!

Now age 8 he has been thinking about it even more and in the past week he made a wish.

Walking home he saw a star in the sky and without being prompted he stood still and said “I wish to be a builder when I’m older”

Wishing upon a star is not something either myself or husband believe we’ve ever suggested to him so we’re not sure where the idea came from.

Yesterday I asked Monkey about his wish and he said again it was something he really wants to do when he’s older and he showed me how he had made his wish with his eyes tightly closed and both hands clasped together as though in prayer.

All I wish for my children is good health and happiness and if this is what Monkey would like I’m going in search of my own star to wish upon.

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