Blue Sky and Silver Wellington Boots



It was bitterly cold but a lovely sunny day after several hours of rain in the morning. Boo age 2 wanted to play outside in her little wooden house.

As I was going to sort the recycling outside I agreed that Boo could come out with me but only if she put on her wellies as we still had muddy puddles from the rain in the garden.

She happily ran off saying “ok mummy” in her little sweet voice. She ran back to the kitchen and pulled on her wellington boots which are silver, sparkly and have two characters from Frozen on the side. She managed to correctly put them on and was ready for her fun in the garden!

I got the recycling sorted quickly and thought Boo would want to go back inside as despite the sun the breeze made it feel much cooler. Boo shut herself in the little house and said “no thank you”. There’s not much I could do to argue with that as I watched through the little house window she was having fun in there playing with some pebbles we had collected during the summer at the beach. So I sat down and watched.

Boo came out of the little house and showed me some of the pebbles she had been playing with, they still had a little bit of sand on them from her playing with them late into the Autumn in our sandbox. She had also found some toys she had used in the sandbox and one a windmill still had sand in it which was tipped onto our steps “what a mess” she said.

Boo then found a bucket which she wanted filled with water as she had found the water pistol her brother soaked us all with during the summer, she had remembered how to fill it as she pretended to do this when I suggested it was a little too cold for water pistols.

She eventually stopped playing and came and sat down next to me, as we sat there we looked up at the blue sky which had only a few white fluffy clouds and the moon was in the middle of the sky which always looks out of place during sunlight hours. As we sat admiring the brightness and the beautiful blue sky she said “Appy mummy, appy” pointing to the sky and then down to her wellies. Clearly happiness to Boo is blue skies and silver sparkly wellies.

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