Traditional Family Games

Family Games

My turn, my turn, you win, roll the dice, buzzzzzz – all familiar sounds of many people’s childhood playing board games/family games.

At the weekend my son Monkey age 8 asked if I would play Buckaroo with him (it’s a donkey that you have to balance items such as spade, hat etc on it’s saddle without it bucking them all off hence the name). I remember having this as a child and often played it with my mum and my friends. It still gave me the sudden surprise it did as a child when it decided to buck and my son squealed in surprise. We played this for quite some time deciding in the end that it was a draw.

He then asked if I would play another game, Operation – another childhood favourite of mine (most people may remember this one it’s a game where you use tweezers to operate on a man in a hospital bed and you have to try not to let the tweezers touch the edge as the buzzer will sound)! As we were getting it ready I realised we didn’t have any batteries for the buzzer to sound so we played on without it however I added my own buzzer sound which Monkey found very funny saying bzzzz in his ear as he was trying to remove the wishbone! He of course did this to me during my turn!!

What’s clear to see here is that although it was raining we had a lot of fun playing traditional games from my childhood which I hope in the future he’ll remember fondly playing with his mum as I remembered playing with mine. We didn’t need to leave the house, have any expensive equipment and it was as far removed from computer games as can be. We simply had fun!

What games do you remember from your childhood that you have played with your own children?

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