Mindfulness Mum… Listening To The Children

Raindrops keep falling on my car…

As part of trying to be more mindful I realise I need to listen and take note more of what is going on around me and what people particularly the children say.

Sometimes as a mum I nod along half listening to what the children are saying and the other half of me is thinking of something else such as, what food have we left in the house, how much things are costing, work…

There is however certain times I listen to my son more and yesterday morning I took note.

Every morning we have the same conversation about the weather, he’s my little weatherman! It was bitterly cold standing in the playground waiting for the teachers to blow the whistle to signal the start of the school day. The children use this signal as a prompt to line up in their classes outside the correct entrance (it’s a funny scene watching the children going from running around the playground or playing on the play equipment to seeing what happens when they hear the sharp 2 shrills of the teachers whistle).

It had been raining quite heavily and we had somehow missed standing outside in the worst of it, it was just light rain, grey skies with a hint of sunshine peeping through the menacing grey clouds. As usual I asked my son what his prediction was for the weather for the rest of the day. He predicted cold and wet. I nodded and agreed. This time though he added;

“look out of the window at lunchtime and see what it’s doing”.

I nodded and took note of his request remembering I would actually be in a meeting at lunchtime. However as I got in my car to drive to the meeting that day I remembered his words and looked out of my car window. It was just starting to rain again.

Before he went to bed that evening I told him I’d remembered to look out of the window and told him he’d been right “see I told you mum”. He had and I had listened and acted upon his small request.

Some people may have seen a picture recently posted on Facebook a note at a nursery reminding parents to put their mobiles down, to listen to the excited children telling them of their day and showing their pictures they’d painted.
I have witnessed children trying to talk to parents who are busily doing something else with their mobiles ignoring what the children are saying, it’s a sad sight.

Mindfulness and being a parent do and can exist we really must take more time to listen, watch and appreciate the children in our lives we are after all their first impression of adults, their role model if you prefer which they take note of. If as adults we don’t notice the small things they say would we notice the bigger things. It’s certainly worth remembering to live in the present and practice being more mindful.

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