Mindfulness…Can Mum Find The Time?


This week I thought I would explore what mindfulness is and whether it is something as a mum I would be able to do.

What is mindfulness?

It has been described as paying attention to what you are experiencing in that particular moment taking in sounds you hear around you, thinking of your breathing….

Hmmm as a mum I certainly take in the sound of the children and like most parents when all suddenly goes quiet for some time that peace is also taken note of and the wondering why it’s gone so quiet!

So when to get the time for mindfulness?

On my way down a, very steep hill to work carrying my handbag and laptop I realised I do take account of things around me.

  • I noticed the weight of my laptop bag heavier than usual as carrying a few different notepads
  • The cold early morning breeze on my cheeks
  • The low heat from the sun
  • The slippery pavements
  • The noise my heels made
  • A thankful person saying goodbye to someone
  • The sun shining on the mountains around the town I was in with the mist creeping over the tops of some and capped by some snow on others.

I didn’t notice my breathing at the time however I have become more aware when I take a large intake of breath mainly at the start of certain songs I hear when I feel relaxed.

Perhaps being mindful is possible in everyday situations like the situation described above. Maybe it doesn’t need to be taken at a specific time, at the moment it’s more about my own awareness and taking note of this.

I’m going to be looking into this further and will let you know what I find.

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