Learning To… Knit

img_20170127_0735436_rewind_kindlephoto-395425433Monkey (son age 8) “What are you doing?

Me “knitting”

Monkey “so are you knitting because you’re a grandma?”

Me “urm… no” ??

Monkey “is it because we have cats?”

Me “what? No” ?

There began my conversation with Monkey last night about knitting and telling him a little of my Woolly Memories

I decided on Bank Holiday Monday (New Years) I would buy some wool and knitting needles and learn to knit! I’ve tried several times before with a very little success rate and all of these times I didn’t start the process myself I had never learnt to cast on (start putting stitches on needles) and so I never truly learnt to knit. Either my mum or my nana had cast on for me previously but that night whilst waiting for our tea to cook I watched a YouTube video over and over and finally learnt how to cast on!

It’s a small success particularly as a lot of people probably know how to do this but I was very happy with my new foundation so happy in fact once the children were tucked up in bed I switched the TV off, lit a candle and managed to cast on a total of 65 stitches (yes I know that’s a lot)!

I actually started again a couple of days ago after buying some lovely wooden knitting needles which are bigger than the ones I had tried at first. I have still cast on 59 stitches (well it’s 58 now as one escaped without me realising) as I started following instructions for a cushion cover. It may take me several weeks perhaps even months but I’m going to keep going.

It’s surprising how calming it is to sit and knit even when the children were playing around me they were both inquisitive but mainly left me to it and I felt much more part of their play and conversation than previously whilst sitting looking online at something. Has it made me happy? Yes I can honestly say it has. This is a little hobby I can at least try and continue it has added to my calmness.

YouTube video channel used: Good Knit Kisses

Knitting needles: wooden size 15mm, bought from the covered market noted in my previous post

Wool: Bought from Wilkinsons

One thought on “Learning To… Knit

  1. Sounds a bit like me. I have this urge to knit but not much skill. I think this stems from some childhood memory forgotten except for the feeling I’m trying to recapture.
    Good luck with your pillow! May it bring you comfort and joy.

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